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          Retaining walls

          Stonegate 6" Wall

          Stonegate Retaining Wall
          Manufacturer: TREMRON
          Availability: In stock
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          Perfect combination of function and style.  Available in three unique sizes and shapes, with a cut-stone, weathered appearance.  Giving the quaint look of a European Village, the double-sided wall blocks can be installed in designs patterns or irregularly. 

          Choose the old world charm of tumbled, weathered cut stone to create patterned or irregular single-sided or double-sided walls that mimic the look of a quaint European town.The system features columns and pilasters as well as a patented fiberglass pin connection for easy installation.

          Stonegate is ideal for freestanding or retaining walls.

          Height 6”
          Depth 10”
          Dimensions SM 6” x 4”
          Dimensions Med 12” x 10”
          Dimensions Lg 16” x 14”
          Sq.Ft. per Cube /Pallet 26

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